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surgical gown hospital uniform

May. 20, 2021

Surgical gown usually are green or dark green color and they are use qigh quality fabric which could water proof , stain resistant , blood resistant , and  prevent the spread of bacteria.its also ideal for use in operating room .

 Surgical gowns are easily washable and can be used many times. This helps maintain cleanliness and is also great for the environment to help reduce the amount of plastic waste.the gowns can be worn in hospitals, restaurants, carpentry shops, barbershops salons, auto shop and kitchens or during painting and construction. These versatile gowns will keep your clothing clean while protecting your skin from harm.

surgical gowns and patient drapes which are resistant to the penetration of gems help prevent the transfer of pathogens from medical staff to patients for more two decades high quality fabrics which can be reused serveral times have been available for use in operating thratres .

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